Thursday, 30 April 2020

No wave is ever the same. New album, available now.

Available now at

Artist: Jon Brooks
Title: No wave is ever the same. Released: 1st May 2020
Label: Café Kaput
Cat. No: KAP011
Format: Digital Download

The eleventh release on Café Kaput is a transportive, ambient affair. “No wave is ever the same” is a study in elegance, centred around the concept of waves and their (sometimes silent) importance in our lives. From the theories of Einstein, to the lunar pull, the rhythm of the ocean and the waveforms of music and sound, the album is a ballet for life and hope for the future. “Waves are inherently cyclical, of course” explains Brooks; “... they have been around since the dawn of time and nothing, so far in our existence, has thankfully managed to halt them. Disasters, wars, tragedies of various kinds have proved to be ineffective and it is this idea that was at the forefront of my mind, when composing this album”.

Spread across two long-form pieces, composed slowly between winter 2017 and spring 2020, the album provides a soundtrack of quiet, creative thought, healing and space. It is also the first time that Brooks has collaborated with artist, writer and creative thinker, Rosemary Cronin, who provides the artwork and title concept of the album. Jon speaks of this teamwork, “I wanted this album to express a certain elegance. No one understands this kind of energy better than Rosemary. I had casually discussed the idea of the album with her, as the pieces were taking shape. Almost immediately, she suggested some ideas, including the title, that revealed an uncanny insight into the direction I was trying to pursue. Rosemary has brought an incredibly powerful, feminine energy, which is absolutely intrinsic to the project”.

1. No wave
2. is ever the same.

Total running time: 39’40”

Music composed and produced by Jon Brooks. Artwork and title concept by Rosemary Cronin. 

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Thursday, 12 March 2020

How To Get To Spring - Pre order now available.

Pre orders are now being taken for How To Get To Spring, with the full release happening on April 3rd.

If you would like a (limited edition) vinyl copy (or one of the very limited cassettes), please visit Clay Pipe Music.

If you would like a download edition, please visit

Friday, 1 November 2019

Available Now - Emotional Freedom Techniques (KAP010).

Available now from, priced £7 - I hope you all enjoy. x

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Emotional Freedom Techniques - November 1st.

Artist: Jon Brooks
Title: Emotional Freedom Techniques
Released: 1st November 2019
Label: Café Kaput
Cat. No: KAP010
Format: Digital Download

Emotional Freedom Techniques finds Jon Brooks (Ghost Box Records, The Advisory Circle, The Pattern Forms) in reflective mode, through his own Café Kaput imprint - this being the tenth release on the label, since its’ inception in 2010.

With heavily-effected ambient textures, Brooks weaves a delicately emotional structure, exploring process and experiment. Sometimes intense and harmonically rich, at other times delicate and reductive, each sound is considered and placed with an emphasis of fulfilling a particular role, bringing to mind an emotion, or location.

Includes sleeve art (front and rear covers) by Rhiannon Bigham.

1. Alluvial
2. Plexita
3. Cyclicia
4. Vection
5. Merellyn
6. Allele

All tracks composed and produced by Jon Brooks.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Clesse - Now Available.

The debut Clesse album is now available at the Cafe Kaput Bandcamp! Hope you all enjoy.