Friday, 3 September 2010

D.D.Denham - 'Electronic Music in the Classroom' Now Available.

The switch has been flicked; Cafe Kaput is open for business.

D.D.Denham - 'Electronic Music in the Classroom' (KAP001) is available now from BandCamp. Formats supplied are MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG and ALAC.

The album will also be available from iTunes and Amazon on Monday 6th and I will post updates here.

Hope you all enjoy the very first release on Cafe Kaput. :))

EDIT: Just to reassure; buying from BandCamp is a safe, easy experience. Cafe Kaput doesn't receive any of your personal data, it's all handled at the BC site.

EDIT 2: The track 'The Way the Vicar Smiles' wasn't written about the Rev. Jim. It was inspired by an image of a vicar played by the actor Peter Vaughan.

- Jb.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

'Electronic Music in the Classroom' will be available early, from BandCamp.

As a 'blog exclusive', those who want to be early adopters of the Cafe Kaput label will be able to buy 'Electronic Music in the Classroom' a from BandCamp, from this coming Friday (3rd September). That's a couple days before the official release date (Monday 6th). I'm doing this as a special for those who follow the blog in some way, or follow the label on Twitter.

As someone who has bought from BandCamp before, I recommend it as it's very straightforward (or at least, that was my experience recently).

Thursday, 5 August 2010

And the first release will be...

KAP001: 'Electronic Music in the Classroom' by D.D.Denham.

Release date: 6th September 2010.

Format: Digital Download.

Availability: BandCamp.

Let me guide you into the fictitious, colourful world of academic composer D.D.Denham and his pupils. Close your eyes and imagine that the sounds you are listening to emerge from the minds of Mr Denham's class of budding composers. You can practically smell the tape loops as they whizz around jars and broom-handles in makeshift schoolroom studios. You can see the soft light as it chinks through the heavy, lined curtains covering the windows. You can experience the energy of concentration, as these young sonic experimenters work through practical recording techniques with their music teacher.

Simple sine-wave melodies glide through echoes and primitive reverb tanks. Slightly broken tape machines do their best to capture the sounds of educational instruments processed through filters. Voices re-dubbed at slower speeds create sinister undertones. Untamed, unstable oscillators are set to synthesise the characteristics of the operatic human voice.

It's all here, woven within the fabric of these 16 pieces.

- - - -

'Electronic Music in the Classroom' will be available to buy worldwide from the usual outlets: namely iTunes, Amazon and BandCamp, on Monday September 6th.

An accompanying PDF download of explanatory 'academic notes', is available here.

I hope you all enjoy the album.

Usefully, Amazon already have some short, 30-second previews up on their page, so if you would like a little taste, visit << here >> and have a listen, but remember the album is unavailable to buy until September 6th.

The success of the Cafe Kaput label will ultimately depend on your support. If you enjoy the album, tell others about it and direct them to buy a copy for themselves. Any earnings from the release will be ploughed back into the label, to allow further expansion and new releases. Your support is greatly appreciated.

- Jb.