Friday, 3 September 2010

D.D.Denham - 'Electronic Music in the Classroom' Now Available.

The switch has been flicked; Cafe Kaput is open for business.

D.D.Denham - 'Electronic Music in the Classroom' (KAP001) is available now from BandCamp. Formats supplied are MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG and ALAC.

The album will also be available from iTunes and Amazon on Monday 6th and I will post updates here.

Hope you all enjoy the very first release on Cafe Kaput. :))

EDIT: Just to reassure; buying from BandCamp is a safe, easy experience. Cafe Kaput doesn't receive any of your personal data, it's all handled at the BC site.

EDIT 2: The track 'The Way the Vicar Smiles' wasn't written about the Rev. Jim. It was inspired by an image of a vicar played by the actor Peter Vaughan.

- Jb.