Wednesday, 26 January 2011

(KAP002) Jon Brooks - 'Music For Thomas Carnacki (Radiophonic Themes & Abstracts)'

Release Date: Saturday 5th Feb 2011.

Available from Bandcamp, iTunes & Amazon.

Well, here it is. I'm proud to announce KAP002. This release ties in directly with Weird Tales For Winter (see below post), as it's the radiophonic soundtrack composed specially for the 'Gateway Of The Monster' episode. The material is directly inspired by all of William Hope Hodgson's 'Carnacki The Ghost Finder' short stories.

The tracks on this release are mastered directly from the original tapes and presented in their entirety; in the Weird Tales programme, some tracks are edited or used as excerpts.

The material was composed between March and November 2010 and covers a lot of sonic ground. There are grand electronic themes, little melodies which crop up throughout, contrasted with dark, abstract musique concrête textures composed directly on tape recorders (with the inherent hiss and hum artifacts being a celebrated part of the composition). Horgan, treated cello, theremin and prepared xylophone all make an appearance, too.

The release will of course feature a lavish, hi-res graphic sleeve by Ian Hodgson and accompanying sleeve notes as a PDF, as part of the download.

As usual, the release will be available from Bandcamp for £6.99 from Saturday 5th February.

Really hope you all enjoy this one.

- Jb.