Sunday, 8 May 2011

(KAP003) - Jon Brooks - Music For Dieter Rams.

“Music For Dieter Rams mirrors Dieter Ramsʼ reductive process perfectly.” - Mason Wells (of Bibliothèque, designers of the Dieter Rams “Less and More” exhibition at the Design Museum, London)

A mini-album. A study on limited resources. The space between a second. A dedication to one of the most important figures in modern domestic design - Dieter Rams. No more, no less. Less and More.

It's also an experiment to discover what I could coax from my favourite alarm clock.

(from the sleevenotes)

"Every sound on this record, from the melodic sounds to the percussion, the atmospheric effects to the bass lines originates from the Braun AB-30 alarm clock.

Using inexpensive contact microphones (which in this case act effectively as microscopes for sound) I recorded the alarm sound, the various ʻticksʼ of the second hand as it made itʼs way around the clock face, and usually-unheard noises such as the cogs whirring and the harmonics of the spring-loaded ʻsnoozeʼ button. Short, cyclic waveform samples were edited from these recordings, which became the ʻoscillatorsʼ (oscillators are the fundamental building blocks on which all electronic sounds are based)".

The raw sounds were then treated and shaped using envelopes, filters, phasing, delay and reverberation.

If you're interested in the creative process behind the sounds, have a listen to a short explanation on SoundCloud:

Jon Brooks - Music For Dieter Rams - An explanation of techniques. by cafekaput

Dieter Rams has inspired many artists (visual artists, musicians, product designers) to release tributes to his work. This is just my personal take. It's an experiment to produce a record which reflects the design ethos of Dieter Rams and his products; that the music should be engaging, fresh, without clutter... and ultimately satisfying in use. Hope you enjoy.

The Bandcamp release will be available on 16th May, priced £5.99.

In the meantime, grab the sleevenotes.

- Jb.