Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Advisory Circle - As The Crow Flies. Ghost Box, 8th July.

"We make the decisions; so you don't have to. This time we're advising on how to safely enjoy the seasons, festivals and rituals of the year".

Regular readers and stalwart supporters of Café Kaput will know all about Rev. Jim's Curious Brown Leather Satchel ™. Without it, life would be rather less interesting. It's the satchel that never goes out of style and in fact only gets better as it becomes further weathered by the Belbury winds.

In the satchel this time is the new album by The Advisory Circle. It's released on July 8th, although you can pre-order it in the usual manner, of course. Please refer to the Ghost Box shop for all matters 'pertaining to procurement', as the Rev. himself might say (or not, depending on his daily tea intake). There is vinyl, there are downloads and also CDs. As you can see in the photo below, I have my vinyl copy out on the blue velvet - it's quite a marvel:

In many ways, The Advisory Circle is my life's work. A large part of it delves into my upbringing, but it's also a snapshot of where I am now and it always keeps a weather eye on the future.

Julian's artwork is, as per, absolutely stunning (whichever format you choose). I'm even happier with this sleeve than I was with Mind How You Go. Professor Ronald Hutton has provided some very interesting and informative sleevenotes and I thoroughly recommend his book 'Stations Of The Sun' as essential further reading.

Thanks, as always, for listening and supporting. Hope you enjoy the new album and please remember to tidy up after yourselves. Always follow the country code.

- Jb.