Friday, 9 November 2012

Found Music.

I’m about to release some CDs into the wild, scattered far and wide (at least, in the UK). They are to fend for themselves and (hopefully) find appreciative owners.

The CD has purposely been put together with the intention of being found in a public place. This could be anywhere - hidden within a menu in a restaurant, under a table in a café, or perhaps behind a pint of milk in Marks & Spencers, who knows? The CD will sit there until it is found.

There are ten copies. Housed in a plastic wallet, the artwork for each CD is unique and hand-painted in acrylics. Each copy is numbered and signed on the reverse.

The CD contains three tracks. ‘Autumn Fell II’ is a systems piece for synthesizer and two tape recorders. The remaining works ‘Coeruleum’ and ‘Sketches Of Amsterdam’ are generative pieces based upon rules devised by John Cage; one track uses electronic source material, the other entirely composed of processed field recordings. The pieces don’t exist outside of these 10 CDs - no-one has heard them before, neither are they going to be sold or repackaged in the future.

Much like the sounds within, it’s just an experiment to see what happens. Where will the CDs find a home? Hopefully not all on landfill, although it’s certainly a realistic possibility. I may never hear of them again, but if anyone contacts me via Café Kaput, I will hopefully share the stories with you all.

Happy winter.

- Jb.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Advisory Circle present 'Summer Triangles'.

It might be a ubiquitous concept, but I'm forever fascinated with the link between times, events and music.

This just started out as a personal 'historical document' of things I'd been listening to over my summer break, but I thought it might be good to share it. Hope everyone has had a good summer - even though it is still continuing (sort of).

- Jb.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Georges Vert - 'An Electric Mind' - Available Now.

KAP005 is available now from Bandcamp! Priced £6.99 (all digital formats).

(iTunes and others will follow, in around a weeks' time).

- Jb.

Friday, 8 June 2012

KAP005 - Georges Vert - 'An Electric Mind' - 25th June.

Georges Vert - 'Jovan Freak' from cafekaput on Vimeo.

I think I mentioned there would be a Cafe Kaput release coming up in June; I'm very excited to mention this to you all. It'll be out there on Monday 25th of this month. Hope you enjoy the Vimeo link for now - I think this has to be the first ever Cafe Kaput official video.

KAP005 - Georges Vert - ‘An Electric Mind’.

If you've ever heard classic late '70s library albums like Brian Bennett's 'Discovery' on Bruton Music, the Telemusic 'Spatial' albums by Sauveur Mallia and works by Jean-Pierre Decerf, you should have a fairly good idea of the direction Georges Vert is coming from. Mix that with some Rinder and Lewis, a bit of Roberto Zanetti and a touch of Francis Monkman's The Long Good Friday OST and you're just about there, in terms of influence.

The project started life on Lo Recordings / Loeb, with an inclusion on the seminal 'Milky Disco' compilation. The 'Freak D'Espace e.p.’ followed, featuring re-edits from Juan Trippe and Rune Lindbaek. Boomkat duly noted that "Vert's two cuts are exceptional examples of how to write nu-disco with panache and flair".

Georges has also produced and released material as part of the Black Mustang production team (along with Jon Tye of Seahawks and Luke Vibert), nonchalantly crafting remixes for the likes of Black Devil Disco Club alongside their original material. Georges also enjoyed remixing the new-wave underground classic ‘Jive Baby On A Saturday Night’ by The Jellies, which appeared on Trunk records.

Which brings us to 'An Electric Mind'; the debut full-length album. Georges comes home to roost at Café Kaput, bringing us eight visions of his cosmic world, complete with sweeping analogue string machines, early drum computers… and a healthy obsession with lions.


Georges Vert - Keyboards, Synthesizers, Fender Bass / Mutron-III, Electronic Drums.
Nenod Sepic - Guitars.
Simon Ward - Drums on tracks 5, 6 & 7.
Derek Lord - L.A. Percussion.

'An Electric Mind' will be available from Bandcamp on Monday 25th June, priced £6.99, with iTunes and other outlets following approx. a week later.

- Jb.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Jon Brooks - Shapwick: Available Now.

I'm very pleased to announce that 'Shapwick' is now available from Clay Pipe. Copies are limited to 100 beautifully designed CDs only.

<< Buy yours from the Clay Pipe site >>.

And remember, Please Drive Carefully through the village and stay close to the hedgerows if you are on foot.

** Edit - All copies sold out on release. **

- Jb.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Belbury Poly / The Advisory Circle - 'Inversions'

Belbury Poly / The Advisory Circle - 'Inversions'. Study Series 08.

Here's another release date for your diary. On 15th June, Ghost Box will be releasing a new Study Series single, this time featuring Belbury Poly and The Advisory Circle covering each others' songs. I opted to tackle (or possibly 'ruin', risking a rapped knuckle as a result) the Belbury classic 'Wildspot', whilst Rev. Jim added a rather sprightly soufflé to 'Now Ends The Beginning' from As The Crow Flies.

You never see those '... plays the music of...' albums any more, do you?

- Jb.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Jon Brooks - Shapwick.

'Shapwick' will be released 21st May, on Clay Pipe in an edition of 100 CDs.

It's funny how serendipity can shape the creative process. The most unlikely situations can provide a framework. Shapwick is just such a case in point.

I had been stuck in a five hour long traffic jam on a motorway in the autumn of 2011. At the end of the ordeal, we left the motorway and noticed the traffic was backing up onto local roads near Glastonbury; streams of cars, full of hot-headed motorists crawling along congested highways, the roads groaning under a volume for which they were not designed.

I searched the map for alternative routes. We had several hours of further driving ahead of us and it was already dark. One such route was through an area close to Shapwick, a small rural village. As we joined the approach to the village, we headed through several miles of unlit roads, with nothing but gnarled trees and woodland either side, the car headlights suggesting the twists and turns ahead.

I felt a certain energy around the place. The images created by the trees in the dark conjured inspiration and it struck me that an album could be based on an imaginary impression of this area. I had already recorded some pieces that were in search of a home and the idea formed within seconds.

The music I had been writing was recorded directly to a four-track cassette recorder. There were some piano recordings that I had made at my uncle and aunt's house in Devon (where I had stayed prior to the traffic jam), along with other acoustic and electronic pieces. With the Shapwick framework in mind, I recorded much more material. Using everything from a song harp in a garden, to a modular analogue synthesizer, I set about creating textures that would place my own notion of Shapwick on some kind of map; to create a geographic narrative.

I carried forward the notion of recording on four-track cassette - a very immediate recording medium, where there is little chance to manipulate the sound after the fact. This way of working shaped the project further and the medium suggested textures by itself - I had been using very old second-hand cassette stock that had been recorded on by others; subsequently, fragments of recordings already on the tapes showed up at various points and took on their own new lives in the tapestry.

The reality of Shapwick is probably quite different to the impression in my own mind, but nonetheless I think it's interesting to form an impression based on how a place could be, just by passing through it in the dark... and building from there.

- Jb.

For more information on this release, keep an eye on the Clay Pipe website.

Friday, 10 February 2012

'Dieter Rams - Reconstructions' available now.

"It's probably one of Brooks' finest moments in an already distinguished catalogue." - Boomkat. 

KAP004 - 'Dieter Rams - Reconstructions' is available now,  << Here >>

Also available << Here >>

Very pleased to announce this - and I hope you all enjoy it.

(For Cafe Kaput newcomers; while you're around, have a look at the accomanying KAP003 if you haven't done so already).

- Jb.

Friday, 3 February 2012

KAP004. Dieter Rams - Reconstructions.

The idea came to me last September, while travelling towards Wales on the M56. Music For Dieter Rams was on the car stereo. A thought entered my head; 'would any of these tracks work well as an Autobahn-length piece?'. I mulled the idea over and when I arrived at my destination, I scribbled a note - 'to investigate further'.

Listening through the tracks with this idea in mind, I chose Zukunft Als Konzept as a very likely candidate for reconstruction in this way. The motorik rhythms and melodic sequences would lend themselves willingly to this kind of treatment and the open-ended nature of the arrangement was ripe for expansion.

Beginning the reconstruction, I kept most of the original sounds and sequences, but processed them further. I created a palette of brand new sounds, too, from the original sound source - the Braun AB-30 alarm clock. In keeping with the spirit of the MFDR album, no other sound sources were used. I wanted to go further with the processing this time, bringing in analogue space echoes, distortions and a whole load of phasing.

The result is 21 minutes and 39 seconds of motorik, kosmische dub.

I then asked The Head Technician from Pye Corner Audio if he would like to reconstruct a track from MFDR. In his own inimitable style, he came up with a beautfully blistering new version of Aus - Ein; the perfect accompaniment to Zukunft Als Konzept.

Both tracks together form a wonderful companion EP to Music For Dieter Rams.

For further reading regarding the original Music For Dieter Rams release, please refer to:

'Dieter Rams - Reconstructions' will be available on Friday 10th February, priced £3.99.

- Jb.