Friday, 3 February 2012

KAP004. Dieter Rams - Reconstructions.

The idea came to me last September, while travelling towards Wales on the M56. Music For Dieter Rams was on the car stereo. A thought entered my head; 'would any of these tracks work well as an Autobahn-length piece?'. I mulled the idea over and when I arrived at my destination, I scribbled a note - 'to investigate further'.

Listening through the tracks with this idea in mind, I chose Zukunft Als Konzept as a very likely candidate for reconstruction in this way. The motorik rhythms and melodic sequences would lend themselves willingly to this kind of treatment and the open-ended nature of the arrangement was ripe for expansion.

Beginning the reconstruction, I kept most of the original sounds and sequences, but processed them further. I created a palette of brand new sounds, too, from the original sound source - the Braun AB-30 alarm clock. In keeping with the spirit of the MFDR album, no other sound sources were used. I wanted to go further with the processing this time, bringing in analogue space echoes, distortions and a whole load of phasing.

The result is 21 minutes and 39 seconds of motorik, kosmische dub.

I then asked The Head Technician from Pye Corner Audio if he would like to reconstruct a track from MFDR. In his own inimitable style, he came up with a beautfully blistering new version of Aus - Ein; the perfect accompaniment to Zukunft Als Konzept.

Both tracks together form a wonderful companion EP to Music For Dieter Rams.

For further reading regarding the original Music For Dieter Rams release, please refer to:

'Dieter Rams - Reconstructions' will be available on Friday 10th February, priced £3.99.

- Jb.