Friday, 8 June 2012

KAP005 - Georges Vert - 'An Electric Mind' - 25th June.

Georges Vert - 'Jovan Freak' from cafekaput on Vimeo.

I think I mentioned there would be a Cafe Kaput release coming up in June; I'm very excited to mention this to you all. It'll be out there on Monday 25th of this month. Hope you enjoy the Vimeo link for now - I think this has to be the first ever Cafe Kaput official video.

KAP005 - Georges Vert - ‘An Electric Mind’.

If you've ever heard classic late '70s library albums like Brian Bennett's 'Discovery' on Bruton Music, the Telemusic 'Spatial' albums by Sauveur Mallia and works by Jean-Pierre Decerf, you should have a fairly good idea of the direction Georges Vert is coming from. Mix that with some Rinder and Lewis, a bit of Roberto Zanetti and a touch of Francis Monkman's The Long Good Friday OST and you're just about there, in terms of influence.

The project started life on Lo Recordings / Loeb, with an inclusion on the seminal 'Milky Disco' compilation. The 'Freak D'Espace e.p.’ followed, featuring re-edits from Juan Trippe and Rune Lindbaek. Boomkat duly noted that "Vert's two cuts are exceptional examples of how to write nu-disco with panache and flair".

Georges has also produced and released material as part of the Black Mustang production team (along with Jon Tye of Seahawks and Luke Vibert), nonchalantly crafting remixes for the likes of Black Devil Disco Club alongside their original material. Georges also enjoyed remixing the new-wave underground classic ‘Jive Baby On A Saturday Night’ by The Jellies, which appeared on Trunk records.

Which brings us to 'An Electric Mind'; the debut full-length album. Georges comes home to roost at Café Kaput, bringing us eight visions of his cosmic world, complete with sweeping analogue string machines, early drum computers… and a healthy obsession with lions.


Georges Vert - Keyboards, Synthesizers, Fender Bass / Mutron-III, Electronic Drums.
Nenod Sepic - Guitars.
Simon Ward - Drums on tracks 5, 6 & 7.
Derek Lord - L.A. Percussion.

'An Electric Mind' will be available from Bandcamp on Monday 25th June, priced £6.99, with iTunes and other outlets following approx. a week later.

- Jb.