Friday, 9 November 2012

Found Music.

I’m about to release some CDs into the wild, scattered far and wide (at least, in the UK). They are to fend for themselves and (hopefully) find appreciative owners.

The CD has purposely been put together with the intention of being found in a public place. This could be anywhere - hidden within a menu in a restaurant, under a table in a café, or perhaps behind a pint of milk in Marks & Spencers, who knows? The CD will sit there until it is found.

There are ten copies. Housed in a plastic wallet, the artwork for each CD is unique and hand-painted in acrylics. Each copy is numbered and signed on the reverse.

The CD contains three tracks. ‘Autumn Fell II’ is a systems piece for synthesizer and two tape recorders. The remaining works ‘Coeruleum’ and ‘Sketches Of Amsterdam’ are generative pieces based upon rules devised by John Cage; one track uses electronic source material, the other entirely composed of processed field recordings. The pieces don’t exist outside of these 10 CDs - no-one has heard them before, neither are they going to be sold or repackaged in the future.

Much like the sounds within, it’s just an experiment to see what happens. Where will the CDs find a home? Hopefully not all on landfill, although it’s certainly a realistic possibility. I may never hear of them again, but if anyone contacts me via Café Kaput, I will hopefully share the stories with you all.

Happy winter.

- Jb.