Friday, 19 January 2018

Available Now! Applied Music Vol.2 - Plastics Today.

Very excited to announce the immediate release of the new Applied Music album. Get it exclusively at the Cafe Kaput Bandcamp.

Monday, 15 January 2018

'A Perspex Town' from Applied Music Vol.2 - Plastics Today.

Have a look at Ian Hodgson's video for 'A Perspex Town', taken from the new album 'Applied Music Vol.2 - Plastics Today' which is released this Friday 19th.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Applied Music Vol.2 - Plastics Today. Released 19th January.

Applied Music Vol.2 - Plastics Today.
Release date: 19th January 2018. Available in all download formats from
Concise, succinct and targeted material specially produced for the broadcast, refreshment and entertainment industries. Melody, rhythm and metre. Night circuits for the solar future.. Applied Music Vol.2 is the second in an occasional series of library-style albums from Café Kaput. Applied Music albums are organised into thematic selections and feature tracks chosen for their immediacy, simplicity of arrangement and distilled sense of mood. 
Vol.2 - Plastics Today provides themes and underscores, in a contemporary idiom, suitable for the polymer industry.
Composers: D. Lord, C. Cherry, I. Blair, D. Lachlan. 
Art direction and design by Ian Hodgson.